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Which Domain Name Extensions Rank the Best?

When choosing a domain name extensions you need to check how high this extension rank in Google! Read this article and discover which domain name extensions rank the highest in Google!

The common URL format we all know is www.example.com. But, there is one tiny thing missing from this formal, which is very important. That part is the hyper text transfer protocol or HTTP:// with S or without S. (The letter S stands for security). If that part of the command is added, the HTTP:// part, the www is actually not necessary. The www is a form we use when the subdomains rules access to the web server.

WWW actually means world wide web or in our case, the front-facing page or world wide web access. The same website at ftp.exmaple.com would mean file transfer protocol access which the website administrator could utilize to upload files. The pop.example.com URL, on the other hand, will refer to post office protocol which commonly directs to a certain email server.

You may wonder, why we are mentioning these information. Is this related to domain name extensions and which of them rank the best in Google?

One thing you’ll meet when buying a domain name or domain name extensions is how deep-rooted the concept of www.example.com is actually. Even if your website URL is http://example.co.uk, forcing someone to type this can be a little bit challenging and confusing at the same time. Most of the people will probably type http://example.co.uk.com.

This is the main reason why we are discussing the importance of TLDs top-level domain extensions. Regardless of the domain, .COM is always going to be a number one choice. The .com domain extension stands for commercial, while the .edu domain extension stands for educational and .gov stands for governmental. In other words. .com comes as a default for many people and internet users.

To sum it all up, the nest time when you are going to ask yourself the question – which domain name extension rank the best in Google, you will know that .com is always going to be a winner, no matter what. The number one extension that most of the people know and most of the people use is the .com domain extension.



How Many Top-Level Domain extensions Are There?

There are a lot of TLDs. As a matter of fact, there are so many that they are divided into six different categories: Generic domains, infrastructure domains, restricted domains, country code domains, sponsored domains, and test domains.

Before the domains were grouped, there were only a few domains available including .com, .net, .org, .int, gov, .edu, and .mil. These domain extensions were used for commercial sites, network sites, organization sites, international sites, governmental sites, educational sites, and military sites.



Three levels of TLDS?

There are 3 levels of top level domain extensions. The high-level domains are known as the most important and valuable ones and they are used in marketing, website optimization, and search. These domains are .com, .edu, .gov. They are common, they are recognizable, and they have advantages when it comes to SEO.

The middle-level domains are suitable for hosting a website, they are functional, but they aren’t going to do any special favors. Usually, the generic, country codes, and sponsored domains fall into this category.

The bottom-level domains are used for spam and no one uses them as they can have a negative impact on your brand.

In conclusion, the number one domain is .com. So if you want to register a domain, choosing .com is the right thing to do.



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