Cómo cambiar Subdominios – La mejor práctica utilizar

Changing subdomains does not have to be complicated anymore! Discover the best practice you can use to change your subdomain!

How to Change My Subdomain?

Changing the subdomain will also change the URLS of your website (hosted by a specific server). In order to change subdomains, you have to follow some rules first. Your new subdomain should:

  • Include at least 6 characters
  • Be unique (you need to keep in mind that you cannot have the same subdomain as some other user)
  • Start with a letter
  • Comply with the terms of service by the certain domain and hosting service

Since changing subdomains affects your URLs on your already published web pages, you need to be comfortable with these changes. Once you will apply the rules, you will have a few alternatives for what you would possibly like your new subdomain to be. Choose the subdomain according to your preference.

The Best Practice for Changing Subdomains

You can change your subdomain as many time as you want. The easiest and quickest way to change subdomains is by consulting with your domain and hosting service first. Open your account and go to Settings. While you are on the website, you need to find Account URL and find the Change link.

Once you will find the Change link, you can enter your new subdomain. In order to save the changes click Save and ensure everything is fine.

After the subdomain change, you may need to republish some of your web pages (depending on how many web pages you have published originally). We recommend you to update your plugin before the domain change. If you are using 2.1 version or an upgraded version of the plugin, there is no need to change anything after the subdomain change. All of your web pages will continue to work and load as normal. However, it is for the best to check the troubleshooting guide or consult with the hosting service if you run into some issues or complications.

The pages that are published via HTML won’t be affected by the subdomains change as well. The reasons for this is because subdomains are not referred in that code. But, you’ll probably need to republish the pages that use full HTML export option.

A Final Word

For any additional questions or information, file a support ticket and get in touch with your domain and hosting service.

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