¿Qué es mejor – Para crear un nuevo dominio o subdominio para crear una

So, you are planning on expanding your website? Discover which option is better for you to use – creating a new domain or creating a subdomain!

In order to point you in the right direction, we are going to use an example, so you can understand our concept better.

Let’s suppose that you have a main website which is your business website and this site has an excellent authority, it ranks high on Google, and it has a satisfying number of visitors per month. All of your products or services you sell are presented on the website, including product descriptions, product prices, and etc. However, you want to expand the website and you want to feature one line of products. In the next 6 months, you want to focus on that line of products specifically and promote it online. So, what should you do? Should you create a new website where you will present content such as product description for the products or should you go for subdomains? Which option is better when it comes to SEO ranking?

Believe it or not, this is a common situation as more and more websites owners like to focus on certain product or service through the years. So, we’ve come to a point where you need to decide which option is better for you – to create a new domain or to create a subdomain?

Even though there is no specific answer, we would still point you into the right direction. It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Your end goal will determine whether you should create a new domain or add a subdomain to your current website.

If you want to split the product departments, then it is recommendable to use subdomains. But, you need to keep in mind that subdomains are identified by Google as completely different websites, so ranking higher would be a problem for you, as you will have to start from the beginning. Even though the content will be different (between the main site and the subdomain), still, it will be challenging to attract new visitors and convert them into your potential customers.

The best option is to use subfolders. So, another domain is not an option, and using subdomain may cause obstacles and inconveniences. By using subfolders or subdirectories you will get exactly what you need. For example, if your domain name is company.com, your subdirectory may be company.com/product.

As we said, it is important to determine your end goals and then decide what a better option is for you!

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